Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Half-Price, Christmas in the Garden Center. . .Turkey in the Grocery


It was a Turkey! He could never have stood upon his legs, that bird. He would have snapped 'em short off in a minute, like sticks of sealing wax. Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol (1843)

Auntie and I hit that fearsome Wally World today. Halloween items--a lot of them--hung forlornly on a half-price rack. The garden center, meantime, is in the process of being turned into a Christmas wonderland of trees, decorations, figurines, and cards.

Only in the grocery section is there much sign of Thanksgiving as yet--in a main-aisle freezer the two ends are already emptying of frozen turkeys, some of them fully as big as Dickens's fictitious bird.

I've never cooked a turkey that large. For one thing, Mom and I could never eat that much turkey, and for another, my sister has for many years now insisted on doing all the cooking for Thanksgiving. She most likely will do so again this year, although I may take a vegetable dish.

Granted that I was hungry when we walked past those big birds. But I swear I could smell turkey and stuffing, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie--and my mouth watered.


  1. Nice take on how commercial our holidays have become. I'm like you, actually, I am looking forward to the taste of Thanksgiving....Maybe it's the taste of family and home. Either way, this year Im not complaining when Christmas stuff is out before Halloween...Gotta lighten up I guess...
    Best, S

  2. Me, too, S. Although I have to say, the purple Christmas trees (the TREES are purple, not the decorations) took me aback.

    And I think you're right. Despite "I'll Be Home for Christmas", Thanksgiving IS more associated with home--and more people try to go home then.

  3. Did someone say pumpkin pie? Yum. But you'll have to go over to Blogstream to get yours. ;)

  4. Hee hee--done been. But you'll have to go over there to see the results--;)

  5. I needed a new tree this year for Christmas. Walmarts purple and blue ones didn't thrill me. Bought a dream tree at Lowes. We haven't disposed of the old one yet, so I have no place to store it. It sits in the living room and is providing Butterscotch with a new bed upon which he can lay and look out the window.

    Periodically he tries to open the box. I have resisted that myself as it's too early and I'd like to see it survive until Christmas. LOL

    I'm in the mood for holidays this year although I really would like to enjoy Thanksgiving first.

  6. Hey Fair....


    THIS would be a great tune for your Jamie blog entry....or for you to simply just enjoy.


  7. Hi Sher--me too. I'm waiting to put up my decorations until the day after Thanksgiving--As for having the pre-Thanksgiving munchies, I'm cooking a lot to compensate!

  8. Hey D--could you send me the name of that pc.? When I use the URL YouTube tells me it's a "malformed" video link--