Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cool News

Found this on Yahoo! News--money being raised to restore the birthplace of the legendary Delta bluesman Robert Johnson

The house was built by Johnson's stepfather, Charles Dodds, and although it has been abandoned for years is still in good condition.

Great honor and recognition for his importance as a bluesman.


  1. I think so too, S. As the article points out, they're not entirely sure where he's buried, the location of his grisly death is in dispute, and at least TWO crossroads claim to be "the ONE"--it's nice to know there's one place he actually was for certain--

  2. I remember (and so do the goosebumps on my arm) the short biography you posted on him several months ago.

    This is wonderful news.

  3. Thanks, Barry! I didn't realize that post was that memorable--;) Great news indeed. Bluesmen seldom get recognition of this sort.