Saturday, February 6, 2010

RE: Comments

My dears, you may have noticed that lately here at Blogger I have left your very kind comments unanswered. This is NOT because I do not appreciate each of them and treasure your kind words. It's THIS: for some reason, every time I try to leave a comment, here at my blog or at anyone else's on Blogger, my computer goes haywire. It begins putting up blank IE screens that multiply at an alarming rate and only cease to do so when I completely shut down the puter.

Some of you will be able to leave comments at my other blog (Fairweather Lewis); others cannot because of a glitch there preventing some ISPs from opening new accounts on Blogstream.

My computer guru Willard and I are brainstorming to try to find some way either to straighten this blog out or to put my blog into a format where I can put together my own comment settings.

Until then, know I value all your comments. Thank you all for your kindness, and hopefully we'll figure out something soon.