Saturday, December 12, 2009

Saturday Music: One Bright Star

This song comes from Vince Gill's 1993 Christmas CD LET THERE BE PEACE ON EARTH. I was reminded of it a few weeks ago when I learned that Sis was tapped to direct the kids' Christmas play at her church and had cast the Princess in the lead role. The Princess said (proudly, I thought), "I'm the star."

"Hey, that's cool!" I enthused.

"No, I mean LITERALLY I'm the star. The Star of Bethlehem."

OH-kay. . .

Sis confided later that the main reason she had cast the Princess as the Star had nothing to do with nepotism. True, the role is the largest in the play--but, she added pragmatically, "With her, I knew for certain I could bully her into learning the lines."

Imagine me trying not to ROFLMAO--

Okay, the graphics in this video are moderately weird. But Gill's sweet tenor and the gorgeous harmony vocals overcome the graphics and make a lyrically commonplace song about the Star of Bethlehem into a rare treasure. Hope you like!



  1. There's one cut in particular on that Vince Gill cd that is a MUST-HEAR. "Till The Season Comes Round Again". I think it is cut number nine. It's worth the whole cost of the cd to hear. And, congrats to the "star" on her role.


  2. I actually had this on cassette originally and loaned it to a friend to copy--never got it back, alas, and have never been able to find it on CD. :( But I do vaguely remember that one, and you're correct, it's a good one. Will pass congrats to the Princess. :)

  3. Juvenile Jockey's first you tube video. Amy Grant, Rocking Around The Christmas Tree.

  4. Hey, Ree--sounds cool!! Will check it out!

  5. hey Fairweather, Vince has a beautiful voice. So when's the big production going to happen? That has to be exciting!

  6. It's on the 20th, I think, Miss B. I'm waiting to see if the Princess shows any signs of nerves. She never has before, but as best I can remember she's always been part of the chorus, just singing--no lines till now. (The first time she was onstage in the Christmas play she was an angel. She was only four at the time, short and chubby, no halo or wings because they ran out--but what I remember most about that is she's standing there with her little hands clasped like she's praying and she had little character bandaids on three or four of her fingers! SO CUTE!)

    And indeed, Vince has a beautiful voice. This is one of my favorites of his recordings.